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The Bard and Raven

Book Series


In a modern, Celtic otherworld, an extra-dimensional conspiracy propels an illusionist and a bard through the underbelly of their society toward war, love, and a new conception of reality.

Trained from childhood to start a war, Eriana plants illusions in her victims' minds, strong enough to become reality, but with her lessons left unfinished, the power that should have made her invincible threatens to possess her. Brennan, who hears emotions and the world around him in the form of music, is wrongfully accused of Eriana's heist and is expelled from his university. In a modern, Celtic-inspired otherworld, Eriana must smuggle funds from a prejudiced government to the leaders of her persecuted race and win emancipation for them and for the other oppressed of their society—airborne nomads and genetically engineered monsters. Flung together with Eriana, Brennan seeks only to evade imprisonment and to rescue his own best friend, but will the required war bring the same injustices that they are fighting against? Will Brennan still long to return to his old life after realizing the wrongs of his society? Can Eriana use her powers and technology for good, or has she already caused more harm than she could possibly imagine?


Four thousand years ago, people from another dimension visited Earth's Celtic lands. Irish legend says they sailed in ships through the clouds. While in many ways human-like, they were also mystical warriors, possessed of powers and technology beyond human ken. Called the Sídhe (pronounced Shee) by the Irish people, they were the inspiration behind our stories of elf or faerie. The ruins they left behind stand to this day, but the Sídhe themselves are nowhere to be found, retreated, perhaps, to their own world.

In that other world, in a country named Hybrasil, the now-modern Sídhe have crafted a golden age for themselves with massive cities, organic technology, and hovering vehicles. Yet their age-old differences with the other creatures of Hybrasil have made them insular and imperious. Rebellion is in the air, but will it be a war for emancipation, or is it actually the machination of forces from beyond the edge of reality?

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