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Meaning: yearning; wistful longing.*

This German noun cannot be adequately rendered in English. While it describes a somewhat different experience for each person, if you have ever felt it, then you will understand the word.

For me, it is an awareness of the imperfection of life combined with a mental glimpse of the Utopian. One moment I will be going about my day and the next moment some falling leaf, a wistful strain of music, a breath of crisp air, or a whiff of cinnamon will transport me to a place simultaneously Earth-like yet unearthly in its perfection. I see these places and then they fade, and I find myself Earth-bound once more. The slingshot excursion thrills me and grieves me with its parting, leaving only a remembered detail or two as souvenirs. This can happen at any time, though most frequently during the Autumn and Christmas seasons.

These experiences become inspiration for much of my creative work, and my favorites became founding images for my Bard and Raven books. My world began with pumpkins and a lantern.

* from Google dictionary

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